Szerző: Ady Krisztián

2001. április 26. 18:46

Letölthető a Serious Sam 1.00c javítócsomagja

[The Adrenaline Vault] Letölthető a legfrissebb hibajavításokat tartalmazó csomag a Serious Sam fps-játékhoz. A patch mérete 4.92 MB.

A fejlesztők által elkövetett frissítések:

  • sometimes when sharp turning is on, view used to start spinning wildly, especially when changing gravities
  • dedicated server now supports mods
  • using Serious Editor no longer resets options for Serious Sam
  • dedicated server initialization file (ScriptsDedicated_startup.ini) was missing
  • rendering electro-fish lightning attack crashed in some rare situations when player ran away from the fish
  • audio options were not saved
  • joystick auto-disable is now off by default - some drivers report this erorrneously
  • network connection between different versions (USA-Europe and similar) didn't work. both server and client need this patch in order for connection to work
  • inability to determine CPU speed on some Win2k machines caused crashing with division by zero when starting
  • after switching the wide screen option off, mouse pointer would block in the upper part of the screen sometimes
  • added controls for gamma, brightness, contrast and posterization (gfx_fGamma, gfx_fBrightness, gfx_fContrast, gfx_iLevels) - only on Win9x and Win2k systems and on cards that support those options
  • increased number of credits options for coop games in the game options menu
  • added support for old Ati RagePro - it is slow, but it works (must use ogl_iFinish=3)
  • couldn't change player appearance and options for some players in split screen in some occasions
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